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Global IntranetSites.com Inc.

Global IntranetSites provides business management tools for clients in a wide range of company verticals. Most of our clients have client relationships to manage or business processes such as the real estate or manufacturing industries.  All of these clients and the various verticals rely on the IntraOffice® tools for business efficiency and optimization.

I. Manufacturing: (Public website PLUS back office management tools for manufacturing industries)  

GBM Fine Woodworking Inc.

Greg and George Thanos, a father and son team, have built a loyal client base spanning cities from Oakland, Santa Clara, Danville, Pleasanton, San Ramon, Dublin and Fremont. The most popular furniture has been entertainment centers, media centers, libraries,  buffets (or as some say china cabinets), pediments and sofas to mention a few you can browse their furniture photo galleries.  The GBM's Furniture shop is located in Livermore, CA


Handcrafted Lecterns and Podiums


This company handcrafts lecterns and podiums from the finest wood materials to customer specifications and needs. The photo galleries help demonstrate the flexibility of the design. Conference centers, board rooms, churches and lecture theatres can all use the beautifully crafted and innovative functionality that comes with each podium and lectern.

Generation Cabinets


A Cabinet Makers Office client, Generations utilizes the corporate Kiosk to manage its custom cabinet and millwork projects as well as its staff schedules and communications. The customizable order procedure helps manage the fabrication process from pre-sales to installation and service. Generations builds kitchen cabinets in Abbotsford, Langley, Surrey and the rest of the Fraser Valley.


Cabinet Makers Office


CMO was developed specifically for the woodworking industry. Managing manufacturing order processes CMO provides staff scheduling, project oversight, simple touch screen interface for shop use, and capacity tracking. Also among the key features which place CabinetMakersOffice at the top of the industry's software providers are collaborative calendars and task lists.


Hartnett Cabinets

Hartnett Cabinets offers timber, vinyl wrap, gloss, classic laminate doors, granite, Caesar Stone and post form laminate tops direct to the public and the building industry. CMO software is used to for its  ablitly to share the progress calendars with all the builders so they can interactively use teh commucntiations tools with all projects centrailes ina web-based fully accessable and manageable format.

I.I Service / Manufacturing: (Public website PLUS with back office for servicing / manufacturing industries)  

American Yacht Restoration


This company restores yachts and ships and build new boats from the finest wood materials to customer specifications and needs. The photo galleries help demonstrate the flexibility of the design. The accessible Marina location in Palm Beach, Florida allow easy dry docking for some of the largest boats. Scheduling yacht an, sailboat, ship maintenance is what American Yacht Restoration has being doing for 16 years at this location in Palm Beach Florida


II. Small Business: (Public Website, Educational, Staff Scheduling, and Training)


The Reptile Guy


A business website providing information about reptiles to the public, The Reptile Guy schedules educational seminars, birthday parties and other public events in addition to rescue and adoption services.




Using IntraOffice tools, this health fitness business manages 17 staff and the certification training program for health instructors through online e-courses.


Equinox Development Business Centers (EDBC)


EDBC is an international subscription-based business portal. IntranetSites is set up for this client to manage their subscription services. 

Your Phone Logs


Your Phone Logs was designed to track, record and manage mobile phone communications giving its clients accurate billing logs and the tools for managing customer relationships.

III. Client Relationships: (Public website but emphasis is on relating to members and clients) 

Fraser Valley Development Institute


FVDI is a not-for-profit organization of over 400 land development consultants, government officers, engineers and developers.  Most of the value for the organization is the public and private marketing of conferences events and membership activities. 

SENIOR PRODUCT PLANNER                                                                                             3/2007-7/2009

find him at http://michaelsurkan.dev.intranetsites.com/


IV. Land Development, Residential Construction, Subdivision Development and Marketing:  


Promontory Park


A gated residential community, Promontory Park has used its IntranetSite for All development and building  tasks progress tracking, real estate marketing, sales (Client Relationship Management) and contract management, as well as Home Owners Association-Developer communications. 


Sumas Forest Estates


This 81 acre residential development has managed the development process of more than a 1000 steps of lot layouts, land surveys, engineering designs, environmental concerns and the municipal application process providing collaboration mostly unheard of in the industry.

Sumas Forest Estates is an executive housing development on acreage lots with an average 5 acre density.

This gated community has built one of the largest environmental covenanted area in the Fraser Valley. 





This 16 acre Executive residential home has an array of photos and movies to embrace the buyer into the emotions of the nature lifestyle. This was a real estate marketed home in  Mission, BC Canada.



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