IntraOffice® Overview

 IntraMail: Mail Tracking

 IntraLook: Dashboard

 IntraPage: Sharing Content  
Collaborative Calendar 
Project Management 
Knowledge Center 
Document Management 
Discussion Forums

 IntraCRM: Client Relationship Management

 IntraProcedure: Templates

 IntraScheduler: Time Keeper

 IntraCom: Message Delivery

 IntraSecure: Protect Identities

 IntraConnect: Remote Data Integration



IntraOffice® is a suite of web based back office functions designed to help any business, group, association, church, private family or even individuals manage their business and client relationships. For individuals and families, just having a system to organize and share calendar events, pictures or other documents can be a great help.

Our focus is simple - complete data and management all in one place. The IntraOffice® suite is an integral feature of IntranetSites - our cutting edge web-based management system. With the most basic computer and a minimal Internet bandwidth connection you can manage your company from anywhere in the world.

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