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                                IntraPage: Sharing Content 

IntraPage allows you to manage a private communication. For example, let's say you want to check with a team member about a staff meeting. So you send them an IntraPage that says: "I think we should have a staff meeting". Assuming they agree, you can return to this document and edit it to reflect the details of the meeting then share it with everyone who needs to be at the meeting or needs to know about it. If it is to be a public event then with one click in Edit mode you can turn on Public Access to make it an instant public web page.

With an IntraPage any content can be integrated with any and all other content types.  With just several clicks an appointment becomes a task, HTML page, a group, project item, or an IntraMail. It can also be a private note, a locked un-editable content page, or delegated to any individual or group you want. You can also take a public HTML page and it too can become a task, appointment or a project also.

Everything can be anything...this function is designed to dramatically increase company efficiencies:

  • - nothing gets lost
  • - maximum accountability
  • - information management

With IntraPages you have everything you need at your finger tips. Why maintain or support two or even three sources of information/data when you can centralize your company information (assets) then manage it as one source.

The following diagram shows what an IntraPage looks like in Edit Mode.







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