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IntraSecure Dual Security Log-in Protection
October 12, 2006
William Coughlin

How secure is your sensitive data?

Anyone of authority, whether managing small or large sensitive data, has to ask themselves the question:

"if someone ever got my log in name and password, how would I ever know the damage that they have done or how much damage they could do?"

Traditional one-part name and password log-ins can be very vulnerable to key stroke logging or other forms of identify theft.

At IntranetSites we offer much higher levels of security to protect your data.

Real World Applications:

  1. Verify all log-ins to your account with a password request sent to your cell phone.
  2. Verify and approve access to sensitive accounts by approved members with a password request sent to their cell phone.
  3. Verify and approve access to sensitive accounts by approved members with a password request sent to the adminstrator's cell phone.
  4. Complete log-in history of each verified log-in or attempted log-in

Two-part authentication log-in via cell phone password

Intra Secure is an optional three-part authentication log-in process for any member on your IntranetSite or available as an add-on to your present website.

When you or your trusted staff attempt to log-in to your IntraSecure protected website, our IntraSecure Login Server module notifies the member's cell phone and requires them to enter the correct password in order for for them to gain access to their account.

In some cases an administrator may want to approve staff log-ins from their own cell phone. This 2-3 part access protection can be activated anywhere in the world where you have the minimal cell phone connection with low level analog phone service.

Two-part authentication log-in via IP validation

IntranetSites can also offer IP restrictions as one additional level of security. Here each member is only allowed to log-in on identified computers. You may custom configure your IntranetSite to use other 3rd level password steps such as the cell phone password process as mentioned above, a deeper security question or an administrator approval.

Summary reports:

As a manager of any business, activity reports can be an invaluable tool for assessing the productivity and progress of your staff.

A full log report of members' log-ins are available for those with the administrator management permissions.

Automatic logout timers; configurable log out times.

Privacy acts in North America are enforcing the security of a client's personal information on your company records. No longer is it acceptable for staff with this higher security access to personal data to leave their work station in a still active log-in status and enable anyone walking by to have access to your client's personal data.

With IntranetSites security log-out options you can set the log-out timer to log out of a secure accessed membership with in a few minutes of inactivity and if you have configured the automatic log-back-in function to re-log-in as soon as the mouse is moved.

We offer two high security statuses: an Idle-log-out status; and a full logged-out status. Both of these mask the screen content.

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